A few Chinese things

So it’s been a while since my last post. As my current position is super intensive, I just dove in head first and have been consumed by teaching and planning. Also, my internet connection is terrible. Anyhow, I find myself with some time on a Saturday night. Typically I try to get out on the weekends because A) my town is super small and not a lot goes down here, and B) I’m usually soooooo needing a break by Friday (if I die in China it won’t be because I got ran over by a rickshaw that defied all traffic rules… it’ll be on a Thursday at 5:00 pm after my 7th class) Anyhow, this weekend is different because I caught the Shanghai cold for the second round and decided to take a chill weekend.

So let’s address a few things I find (and hopefully you find) interesting.

My first ‘Dance Yoga’ class! So, I finally found a gym… thank heavens!!! This gym doesn’t have the best equipment, and it’s freaking over priced… but hey, it’s here. Anyhow, they have yoga! I saw ‘Dance Yoga’ on the schedge and decided to give it a go. So.. yeah, not many people speak English here. Luckily yoga is a universal language! Vrksasana is the same pose in every language! I just had to watch the teacher and follow her moves. This dance yoga class was a combo of Chinese dancing and yoga… I felt that it was a little more like 3/4 Chinese dancing and 1/4 yoga actually… but I’m cool with that! I’ve never done Chinese dancing before, and now it’s my new favorite class! I had SO much fun! I tried to record the music and then come home to practice. If you’re interested, I attempted to record what I could remember… check it out here.

I think I’ve aged like 30 years in the last 2 months. I go to bed before 10, wake up at 6, I almost always prefer talk radio over music, and I love these little prune drops. What? Prune drops? Yeah. Who knew? My new ‘friend’ (I put that in quotes because when Chinese people want to talk, and their English is so-so, they usually ask if they can ‘make friends’ with you. I think the Chinese translation must have something to do with ‘making friends’… anyhow, she gave me these prune drops one day and I instantly needed to buy more because they are good.


Along with these, she gave me toasted coconut drops and… okay, this one is a stretch for the un-China-fied mind, I don’t even know how to translate it.. but it resembles a partially candy covered dried plum. Yeah, you’re probably thinking I’m crazy now, but realize that we are in different parts of the world. Haha.. I’m trying to keep a more open mind this time, and try more Chinese things. 🙂


That being said, I also tried a Chinese face mask… the women here are always super concerned about their skin, and using these. So, I decided to give it a go (and it was on sale…)


I uncovered another Chinese secret! In America I was always searching for Goji berries for their antioxidant and other health benefits, but couldn’t ever find them. Well, they’re easily accessible in China! However, they are usually dried, so people put them in hot water to make them plump and edible again. So, I’ve been drinking Goji berry infused hot water. Hahaha. Win.